Stephen Bailey

Director of Operations, Composer
Stephen Bailey is a Colorado-based composer, improviser, electronic musician, and sound engineer. His compositional output rejects stylistic constraints in favor of expressive efficacy, diversity, and fluidity and incorporates a wide variety of compositional innovations from the last century.
With a strong emphasis on electronic and electro-acoustic music, his works focus on the interaction between humans and the world around them, including machines, science, nature, and each other.
Stephen’s music has been performed extensively locally and internationally, in Denver, Brazil, New York, St. Louis, and Casper. He has presented, performed, and been programmed at The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Electronic Music Midwest, Casper New Music Days, The Classical Salon at Dazzle Nightclub, The VU Symposium, and The Aspen Composer’s Conference, among others.
He has been performed and commissioned by The Playground Ensemble, Nebula Ensemble, the Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Denver Men’s choirs, The Lamont Symphony Orchestra, The Modern Hue Ensemble, as well as other musicians from Denver and the west.
Stephen is the current Director of Operations for Nebula Ensemble, holds faculty positions at The University of Denver, and The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and is the chief sound engineer at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church.
He received a Bachelor’s of Music from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and a Master’s of Music from The University of Denver.

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