Sarah Perske

Public Relations/Marketing Director, Composer, Vocalist
Sarah Perske is a modern-day troubadour with a mystic bent whose haunting works blend elements of avant-garde classical, early music, folk, rock, and electronic music. Classically trained as a composer, guitarist, and vocalist, Perske is active in the Denver area as a founding member of Nebula Ensemble. As a solo artist, she is currently working on her debut singer-songwriter album Ancient Dreams and Visions, which she describes as “what would happen if Hildegard von Bingen played guitar, listened to both Gérard Grisey and Joni Mitchell, and knew her way around a DAW.”
A prolific and versatile composer, Perske is frequently sought out by performers who share her interests in expanding the boundaries of classical music-making through the integration of performance art and cross-disciplinary collaboration. She has been commissioned to write music for such groups and individuals as Playground Ensemble,  the Keith/Larson Duo, classical guitarist Laura Husbands, percussionist Kyle Hughes, and virtuoso saw player Caroline McCaskey, among many others. Perske is the recipient of several awards and recognitions for her work, including first prize in the Colorado Clarinet Days Composition Competition (2014) and The Playground Anne Culver Commission Prize (2013).
Perske holds a Bachelor of Music degree in guitar performance and a Master of Music degree in composition from the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music, and is currently pursuing private studies in classical voice. When not composing or performing, Perske can be found hunting down obscure music scores in her role as a music librarian, transcribing Renaissance lute tablature for the fun of it, and blogging about new music at DeformingPrisms
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