Our Music

Finding the Soul of Physical Space

"When I hear this piece, I fill that space [spaciousness] with the image of a young woman spontaneously embarking on a long journey to care for her elderly cousin, motivated by pure joy."
~ Sarah Perske, Composer

We present experimental art through music, multimedia, and audience interaction. Visit our YouTube channel for more videos of Nebula in action!

Interactive Quartet

"This piece is a quartet that implements the Bach Automated Composer's Assistant, developed by Andrea Agostini and Daniele Ghisito, to algorithmically generate music for each instrument that is interpretable by human beings."
~ Stephen Bailey, Composer


"'SAVE THE DAY !!' is music that I was commissioned to write for a video-game streamer on SweatyandSon is an awesome father-son streaming duo, and when they aren’t playing video games together, they are making digital art."

Cell-U-lar Groove

"As you hear these groove-tacular sounds, MOST LIKELY you will hear the interruptions of our cellular devices, falling into the mix of the acoustic beats."
~ Catherine Flinchum, Composer

Probabilistic Improvisation No.1

"In this performance, we pair a 21st century, free improvising Danny Sweet with a Disklavier piano that is controlled by the Markov chain to see how effectively the two can perform together."
~ Stephen Bailey, Composer

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