Nebula DIGITAL Series

We want to keep making music, and you to keep using your creativity!

In the strange world of COVID-19 with so much music being cancelled, the Now of Music must go on. We have a plan!

Deadline extended! From now until June15th, 2020, you can write a piece (or multiple pieces!) and our musicians will select submissions to perform by video or livestream on our social media:

  1. Select an instrument to write for:

    1. Cello

    2. Bb or A Clarinet

    3. Electronics

    4. Flute, Alto Flute, or Piccolo

    5. Guitar (Classical or Electric)

    6. Piano

    7. Trumpet

    8. Violin

    9. Voice (Mezzo Soprano - full range=F3-F5, comfortable range= B3-E5)

  2. Compose a short, 3 minutes or less, solo “vignette” for your selected instrument.

  3. Submit a PDF of your composition to us via email at!

    • Please make the subject of your email DIGITAL SUBMISSION FOR {Instrument}, and

    • Be sure to attach the PDF as well as any bio or details you would like us to include if we post a performance of your piece.

  4. You're all done! We will send your composition to our performer, and they will select submissions to perform on video and/or livestream.

  5. Subscribe to our social media to stay up to date!

Disclaimer: Whether we perform a work is up to the performer, and while we want to perform as many as possible, it may not be an option for the performer. If we do perform a piece, we have the rights to post it publicly and potentially make edits for playability and future compilations.

Questions? Feel free to send us an email:


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